Mississippi Safe Haven Law


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- For nearly 20 years, Mississippi has had a law on the books to provide parents who are overwhelmed or desperate a safe alternative for their child.

Most people can’t imagine giving up their newborn baby, but for some, they can see no other option.

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That’s where Mississippi’s Safe Haven Law comes in.

“Come to any fire department, police department, hospital and say ‘hey I’m using the safe haven law’ and you hand the child over, and nothing could happen to that person. It will also save the child and the parent as well,” said Fire Captain Foster Fields

The law lets parents leave their newborn three days old or younger in safe hands. The goal is to prevent babies from being left in life-threatening situations.

Aberdeen Fire Captain Foster Fields says if they take a child in, there are steps they have to follow.

“First thing we do is make sure that they’re healthy, no abuse of any kind, and do a medical examination. Then we also take them to the hospital and then call the state and let them take over. The child would actually be a part of the state,” said Fields.

But, Captain Fields says they will take them no questions asked.

“Like I said, there’s no repercussions. A lot of parents go through a lot of pressure, depression, it could be a mental health problem, it could be a lot of different factors in that, but we just try to give everybody options for the baby and the parent,” said Fields.

Safe Haven laws are different in every state.