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NORTHEAST, Miss. (WCBI)-Mississippi still ranks as the most religious state in the country.

According to a gallup poll 58% of Mississippians claimed to be “very religious”.

That’s the most of any state.

30% say they’re “moderately religious” and 11% classified themselves as “non-religious”

We asked church goers do they really practice what they hear at church on Sundays?

“Well from my point of view, I think that people go to church and hear the word and some people use that for life and some people don’t but, I think most people they do use it for life,” said Ladaraus Jackson.

“We’re all faced with temptation on a daily basis, but the strength we get from hearing God’s holy word will allow us to resist those temptation,” said Terry Windham.

Mississippi is followed by Utah and Alabama.

Vermont came in as the least religious state.

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