Mississippi’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday. 

NORTH MISSISSIPPI, (WCBI)- Hunting season is getting into full swing, and this weekend the state of Mississippi has made it easier on hunters pocketbooks.

Business was really brisk at Richey’s Guns and Archery in Pontotoc as customers came in to take advantage of a special yearly event just for them, Mississippi’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday.

During the three day event, eligible items are exempt from sales tax.

“We do get a lot of business. People do like to come in, and a lot of people buy Christmas presents this early in the year because they are getting tax free. A lot of times we can run a twenty-four month same as cash where they can get tax and interest-free for 24-months. So it’s a pretty big day for us, especially this small a store we stay really busy pretty much most of the day,” said Dale Butler.

And the chain store’s also took advantage of the state’s generosity. Academy Sports and Outdoors in Tupelo encouraged its customers to shop this weekend.

“We always make sure we bring in extra because we know there’s going to be a large influx of customers coming in at one time. And we want to make sure that we’re fully staffed and ready for the customers when they come in. We always want to make sure we are stocked 100 percent on all our camouflage all the accessories that hunters need. They come here, and it’s a one-stop-shop, everything from ammunition firearms all hunter accessories and weather gear,” said Jason Lunn.

Hunters in the state of Mississippi are very thankful the Mississippi legislature has given stores like Richey’s three days to allow hunters to come in and buy all the guns, ammo and other supplies they need for the entire hunting season tax-free.

Jared Keen of Pontotoc is one such hunter, who believes strongly in the Second Amendment which is what this special weekend is all about.

“I feel very firmly about the Second Amendment, and I’m glad that most in the state support it. And they’re offering these tax-free to buy the weapons and purchase the weapons that we love to us and play with and take our families out with and teach them to shoot just gets us out in the outdoors and gives us a little break,” said Keen.

And Keen says hunting more than just a sport.

“I always stock up on a little bit of ammunition to get me through the year and look forward to taking some deer and harvesting it for the family, having something to eat throughout the rest of the year,” said Keen.

These hunters believe the tax-free weekend is right on target.

The tax-free weekend wraps up Sunday.

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