Mississippi’s Secretary of State pitched his “Tackle the Tape” initiative

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi’s Secretary of State has a plan to reel in regulations.

Michael Watson was in Columbus today to pitch his “Tackle the Tape” initiative.

His office, with help from several partner agencies, will be reviewing the state’s regulatory code.

Watson feels that the 100,000 plus regulations add up to too much red tape.

This year he is implementing a plan called 29 by 29 to review all 29 state occupational licensing boards and commissions in the next 7 years.

“This 29 by 29 says we got this big stack of regulations that’s been on the books; how do we get through each of those to make sure we cut the ones we don’t need? That’s what 29 by 29 is. We are going to look at every regulation under all 29 boards and commissions by the year 2029, so it is a road map to go through all these regulations and cut the ones we do not need,” said Secretary Michael Watson, (R) MS Secretary of State.

The 29 by 29 program will start with the state boards of Cosmetology, Barber Examiners, and Architecture this year.

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