Modern Day Technology Impact Local Business

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Technology as a whole is evolving and starting to effect local business.

Local stores in the Golden Triangle Area including the Coffee House on 5th Street in Columbus, Jennifer Garner Designs, and Dawghouse Sports Grill in Starkville, are all using modern day technology to help run their businesses.
“Everything is much easier. It has simplified my life as a businesses owner very much,” owner of Coffee House on 5th Street Carol Brown said.

“Not only is it good for the customer, but its great for us because we can move people in and out faster,” owner of Dawghouse Sports Grill Danielle Boren said.

Thanks to today’s technology everything is quick, easy and reliable.

With modern day technology, everything is done right in front of you. When a waiter walks up , you hand them the card, they simply swipe, then you sign your name, and the transaction is complete, while everything is done right in front of you.

But how safe is this?

“Gosh its 100 times safe,” Boren said.

“It’s all one swipe, and it’s all up to them to finish the transaction,” Brown said.

The network that’s used for these gadgets are monitored at all times to ensure no one’s information is being stolen.

“That prevents breaks and hacks and everything,” Boren said.

Jennifer Garner owns her own store called Jennifer Designs. Garner has used this technology for two years now, and said it’s one of the best decisions she has made.

“As a small business owner, we try to keep our cost low, so we went to the Square and found that our customers like it as well,” Garner said.

The switch has also added up to more cash in the register for these businesses.

“Keeping up with inventory, keeping up with my employee hours accurately, all of that has saved me some money and time,” Brown said.


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