Video: Monroe Co. Jury Finds Parvin Guilty of Murder

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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — A verdict has been reached in the case of the former Mississippi State University professor who fatally shot his wife nearly seven years ago.

On Monday, a jury found David Parvin guilty of murder.

He’ll serve life in prison, likely without parole.

Family members cried, but Parvin showed little emotion after the judge read the verdict.

“We the jury find the defendant, David W. Parvin, guilty of murder,” said Circuit Court Judge Paul Funderburk.

“We hope that this time, this can give the family some type of closure,” said Assistant District Attorney Paul Gault.

Prosecutors say the verdict reflected the evidence, but it still shocked Parvin’s attorney, Jim Waide.

“It couldn’t be based on anything other than his personality, or the way they perceive that he responded to the 911 call,” Waide said. “There’s no evidence to contradict his testimony that there was an accident.”

Parvin spoke after the judge read the verdict, saying “It was a terrible accident,” and “The prosecution in no way proved murder.”

He and his attorney plan to file an appeal.

“There’s not any chance, in my opinion, he’ll survive in prison,” Waide said. “His only chance is to get an appeal, and hope that he’ll still be surviving by the time we do the appeal.”

Prosecutors say Parvin has a right to do it, and they’re ready for when it happens.

“We’ll certainly be working on the case,” Gault said. “The attorney general’s office will as well, and again, we believe the verdict reflected the evidence in this case.”

Waide says they’ll start the appeal process in the next few days.

WCBI reached out to Parvin’s family members, but they didn’t want to comment.

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