Monroe County Church Helps People Get Their Apple Fritter Fix And Help Fund Mission Work


AMORY, MISS. (WCBI) – The Amory Railroad Festival may have been canceled, but people can still enjoy what has become a mainstay of the annual event.

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When members of Bethel Apostolic Church learned that Amory’s railroad festival was not going to take place for a second year, they knew something had to be done.

“Apple fritters have become a centerpiece for the Amory Railroad Festival,” said
Bishop Coy Hill.  He says the church received many calls from people who did not want to go two years without their apple fritters, so the church decided to hold an apple fritter festival on its property.

The church set up two drive-through lines for cars, where customers placed their orders and paid.

And in the famous booth, the apple fritter mix was being scooped, deep-fried, battered, and bagged. Runners took the orders to each vehicle.

The sale of the apple fritters funds the church’s mission work and other outreaches.

“There have been churches built in other countries, various programs, rehabilitation programs, and various other ministries that help people, all of it is raised for a purpose and for a cause,” Bishop Hill said.

There are three apple fritters in each bag and along with the drive-through service, the apple fritters are being delivered around the area. One school ordered three hundred bags, that’s nine hundred apple fritters. People have missed their apple fritter fix.

‘How many do you usually get at one time?’

“Ten, or so, then we come back tomorrow and get some more,” said Landon Carter.

‘Can’t eat just one?’

“No, got to eat as many as you can until you get sick,” Carter said.

“We’re really excited and it brings a little smell of the Amory Railroad Festival here as well,” said Kristan Taylor.

‘You just had your first apple fritter, what do you think”

“I think it tastes, good, and I like it,” said QuatonWalker.

And like most who try their first apple fritter, Quaton Walker says he will be a return customer.

The Apple Fritter Festival also takes place on Saturday, from 9 until whenever the customers are all served. It’s at Bethel Church in Amory.