Monroe County communities continue progress one month after storms

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s been just over a month since devastating storms hit parts of Monroe County and Amory.

While they are still in the beginning stages of cleanup, they have made much progress over the last few weeks.

Just over a month ago, tornadoes ripped through several parts of Monroe County. While you can still see the damage across the area, District 3 Supervisor Rubel West said they have made much progress but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Shattered windows and torn down homes.

That’s what’s left in many parts of Monroe County a month after they were hit by devastating storms. Over the last few weeks, West said they have been working hard to clear the roads and get the debris into designated spots in the county.

“Well, what you are seeing now is the roadways cleared. Once they were cleared and all that debris wasn’t on the side of the road we’ve got contracts, the city of Amory has got contracts, and the county has their contracts. You are starting to see that stuff leave the city and as it leaves the city, it leaves the county you can see more of a clean-up action going,” said West.

After the initial hit from the tornado, all hands were on deck in areas that were hit. West said you are now seeing those aid crews get back to their regular routines.

“In the five districts of the county, we sent all available personnel and equipment to the storm effort. that has trickled back to where we can start maintaining. Even people that weren’t affected by the actual tornado were their road crews were no longer maintaining their roads,” said West.

Previous storms that have hit the area have taught county and city leaders many things.

West said they put their efforts into search and rescue first then they were able to slow down and catch up on a few things.

“What we have learned is getting debris burn sites. Slowing down and making sure to get DEQ, making sure to get the historical stuff done, making sure to get all the easements done. Just slow down with that and get sites established and it doesn’t cost the county or city money,” said West.

And while the recovery process is a long one. West said it’s important for you to not wait on anyone else.

“I would say be patient but they have been patient. The main thing is to not wait for anyone to come to you,” said West.

West said that although the government complex took a hit from the storms, it has many services that can provide help if people are still in need of guidance.

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