Video: Monroe County May Adopt Dangerous Dog Ordinance

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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-The Monroe County Board of Supervisors will meet Friday to vote on a ordinance regarding dangerous and vicious dogs.

They say a dog is man’s best friend. That’s why there are state laws against animal abuse and neglect, but what happens when canines attack other animals and even humans?

Monroe County wants to be able to answer that question, so supervisors are considering a dangerous dog ordinance.

“This dangerous dog or vicious ordinance is to protect our citizens and their pets and their property. It’s been unfortunate that for all these years Monroe County has never had dangerous or vicious dog ordinance while every county around has had one,” says Carol Crawford.

Before, dogs and humans who were attacked rarely saw justice, if the ordinance passes, District 3 Supervisor, Carol Crawford says victims will be much better served.

“They’ve had no resource so now we are going to empower the people that feels like they are a victim, the family that they actually have protection under the law.The animal control officer will come out, things will be taken care of and they will no longer be victimized,” says Crawford.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will handle animal control.

“So by now having an ordinance then the deputy, the Sheriff’s office, the judge, the justice court, judges will have a guide a rule to go by and the citizens will know what’s right and what’s wrong,” says Crawford.

Monroe County Sheriff, Cecil Cantrell says the ordinance should help his community feel safe.

“The ordinance is going to help us to be able to let these dogs put them in court, let a judge make a decision where the animals go. It’s going to give control and peace of mind to people that are actually scared of these days you know a lot of people walk out in the community a lot of people jog and it’s going to make it safe,” says Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

“I’ve been in the veterinarian business for 30 years I’ve seen all of the bad thing, I see the animals that have been attacked, hurt, maimed, been killed, had to put them asleep so hopefully my clients my constituents and other veterinarians and their clients will feel like there is more protection that we’ve done our job as supervisors to provide for the health and well-fair of our citizens,” says Crawford.

Stray dogs that attack will go through a different process than dogs with owners.

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