Monroe County names new EMA director

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – From storm damage to power outages to plane crashes, EMA directors bring control to those situations and more.

Monroe County Emergency Management Director Tracy Pharr said she has plans and many of them will look similar to what they’ve seen in Monroe County.

“I plan on carrying on what Donna Sanders has already started, and to keep the people informed and educated on what to do and not do during an emergency,” said Pharr.

Pharr knows Monroe County is no stranger to Mother Nature’s wrath, which is why she encourages people to use social media, phone alerts, or other resources to know when storms are rolling in.

“Monroe County is fortunate because they do code red for free, so we encourage every citizen in Monroe County to sign up for code red. On our Facebook page, if there are storms coming across, we will alert the public and we will put a self-report link on the page. They can click on the link, and they can report they’re on damage, and we will come out and assess it later,” said Pharr.

From floods to lightning you can prepare for the worst.

“Always have a safe place to go to ahead of time, do not wait until it is there. People need to go ahead and have a plan ahead of time and have contact. Have pictures of everything in your home, that way if something does happen, you can show insurance what you had,” said Pharr.

There are also some things you should not do when severe weather strikes.

“Please if there is damage in your area, please do not get out and ride around. Let first responders do their work and clear the debris, to keep everybody safe from harm,” said Pharr.

Pharr said purchasing a weather radio is another great tool to have inside your home in case Mother Nature strikes.

Pharr said you should also have a plan of action for your pets.

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