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ABERDEEN,Miss. (WCBI)- Monroe County supervisors have been discussing how best to improve roads in their respective districts.

When Monroe County supervisor president Billy Kirkpatrick took office in 2004, he knew very well he had to stretch tax dollars while giving his constituents good roads to drive down.

“Since that time the price of re surfacing a road has just about tripled. And I don’t think that’s unique to Monroe County or any other local government,” said Kirkpatrick.

“You always got changing conditions out there. You know our roads are effected by everything from weather to heavy traffic. To just natural life of a road, how long one will last after its chipped, sealed, or asphalted,” said Sonny Clay, Road Manager.

Supervisors seem to be holding an ace, a five million dollar bond from 20 years ago is about paid off, giving the county the opportunity rolled things over getting those funds without any additional new taxes to residents.

“You know people Are buying thirty thousand forty thousand dollar cars, they want a good road to drive on and thats our job to give them that, but we’ve been held back with the lack of revenue. Now that this revenue is available the challenge is to figure out exactly where you are going to put it,” said Clay.

Their unit system of road management provides for attention to be given to the worst roads, whether they are east, west, north, or south of the county.

“Strong Road, Sykes Road, some of our major roads. McCallister Road which is a state aide road. It was built, McAllister Road was built with state engineers with state design and everything, and we are continuing to have to work on it. Coontail Road right here that goes out of Aberdeen and connects Amory,” said Clay.

“Man, I just felt like we needed to take the time and come up with a plan. And I think we can do that if everybody will work together,” said Kirkpatrick.

And so for right now, supervisors are moving moderately slowly, down roads they hope to make improvements to.

Next Friday Monroe County Supervisors expect to move a little further by making recommendations on road improvements.




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