Monroe County SWAT Team Tackles ‘Murph’ Workout

AMORY, MISS. (WCBI) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team uses Memorial Day as a team-building exercise.

1529 Fitness was the site. The goal for the Monroe County SWAT Team was to finish the “Murph” Workout.

“It’s a way to get out and kind of push yourself, and so we thought it would be good since we are in the rebuilding phase of our SWAT team to bring them all out here this year, goal was to complete the workout.”

The workout is named in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a NAVY SEAL who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. The workout starts with a one-mile run. Followed by one hundred pullups, two hundred pushups, three hundred squats, and then another one-mile run.

The SWAT Team completed the workout in pairs, promoting teamwork and physical fitness.

“We’re just trying to raise the bar in our training, be the best we can be in every aspect, for people of Monroe County.”

This is the fifth year Deputy Zack Wilbanks has done the Murph workout. Last July, Wilbanks was seriously injured when he and Deputy Dylan Pickle were struck by a car. Pickle was killed and Wilbanks is still recovering.

The Monroe County deputy says he was reminded of the sacrifice of Deputy Pickle and former Deputy Tony Coxey, whose photos are on hometown hero banners.

“When you step out of this door you will see Tony Coxey, he worked with the sheriff’s office and was in my battalion before he retired and when you get to the turn around point you see Dylan Pickle’s picture hanging on Main Street, that’s my start and turn around point why I keep going.”

Trainers encourage the team to reach their fitness goals.

“it’s about competition with yourself and healthy competition among your peers,” said 1529 Fitness Owner Lori Forrester.

Sheriff Crook invited me to join in the workout, and it was an honor to train alongside those who keep the streets safe

The sheriff says the Murph workout will be an annual Memorial Day physical fitness exercise for the SWAT Team.

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