Video: Montgomery Teen Survives Deer Hunting Accident

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – October is deer hunting season and hunters are allowed to test their archery skills in bagging that buck.

One teenage hunter got more than he bargained for when on a hunt. He now has at least two main safety tips he’d like to pass on to fellow hunters.

Montgomery County Elementary School teacher Janet Dupont considers herself a good fourth grade teacher. Be that as it may, she didn’t teach her son Dixon something he had to learn for himself, the hard way. The six foot plus, 200 pound deer hunter fell out of a tree stand, only a few miles from where she was tutoring fourth graders.

“And I asked him where he was and the place he told me I wasn’t familiar with it.  It was not the, a certain place he always goes,” said DuPont.

“All I remember is dialing 911 and telling my buddy come get me and they came and they found me, came and got me,” said Dixon DuPont.

“As I was getting there he was getting out of the woods. He was in the woods in a pretty big thicket area so it took a while to get him out to the helicopter,” said Janet DuPont.

Young Dixon just may not have fallen, if he was wearing one of those deer hunter harnesses. But still, he beat the odds that day of his hunting accident. Four teenagers injured in that very same manner were flown to UMC that day.

“And two of the hunters had not survived from not wearing safety harnesses. And the third one was fighting for his life,” added Janet Dupont.

The Montgomery High teen who is lucky to be alive, has words of wisdom for other deer hunters who may be in the woods without the proper gear.

“You just wear your safety harness, and it might not turn out so lucky if you don’t wear it,” said Dixon Dupont.

“And don’t just say I’m going hunting, but specify the area that you’re going to because I had no idea exactly where he was,” said Janet DuPont.

“I’m thankful. I thought I was going to go in there you know and hunt, but I left going out in a helicopter,” said Dixon DuPont.

To learn more about good hunting safety tips, contact the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks at 601-432-2400.

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