More students than expected head back to school in Amory

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – As the recovery process continues in places like Amory and Winona, sometimes it’s the return of everyday things that can have a surprising impact.

This week Amory students headed back to school. The March 24 tornado that hit the town did significant damage to Amory High School’s athletic facilities.

Those were so badly damaged that the Panthers will be forced to play the rest of their games on the road this season.

But the community has come together with staff, students, parents, residents, and even strangers pitching in to help with clean-up.

School leaders decided to resume classes this week to help students get back into their routines.

They had expected around 60% participation this week, but Tuesday, 85% of students showed up. Wednesday, that was up to 88%.

“We have several of our students that lost everything that they own, and their home, everything. Some of them are in Tupelo; some of them are in Houston; some are staying with family. They’re still getting here – coming to school, and getting here and wanting to move forward,” said Leigh Stanford, Amory High School Principal.

“Amory is a place that sometimes can be a little nerve-wracking on a team that has to come to Amory to play. So, we’ve lost some of that road advantage, but the support from the community, even traveling to these games that are away; it’s almost like we haven’t lost a home-field advantage,” said Linzy Patterson, Amory High School teacher.

The decision on whether or not to run buses will be made on a day-to-day basis.

The State Department of Education is also extending the window for end-of-year testing.

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