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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The man with roots running deep in the soil of Oktibbeha County has captured his family’s history and preserved it in cedar wood.

In rural Oktibbeha County there is Little Jim’s Hobby House, and inside, the history of the Morgan Family dating back to the 1800’s all carved up for everyone to see.

“The last couple of years his hands shock bad and eyes were bad but he’d stay with it until he got it just like he wanted it,” said Charles Morgan, Little Jim’s Son.

“He would, couldn’t sleep at night and he would have all go through his mind at night. And he would have it planned out and some mornings at 5 o’clock he was in the shed working you know,” said Bobbie Morgan Livingston, Little Jim’s Daughter.

Covered wagons and even a cotton gin would be carved with just a pocket knife.

“And he went all over the country looking for one and wound up Mississippi State got one up there. And that’s where he found our model to build that gin out of,” said Charles Morgan.

You would think that down through seven generations of Morgans, at least one other person would be able to keep this skill alive and in the family.

“No, can’t come close, no,” said Charles Morgan.

“I’m not good at that. I take after my mother. I cook,” said Bobbie Morgan Livingston.

“Oh my goodness no. But I would paint it for him you know. Like Gale’s ear rings and stuff like that. He came in and I had painted them and he just keeled over laughing. He thought that was the neatest thing,” said kathy Pitts, Morgan Family Friend.

After looking at his daughter in law Gale, Little Jim carved her up. So Gale like everything he came in contact with, was forever frozen in time for us to see.

Whenever the Morgans get together for a celebration in Morgan Town, Little Jim’s carvings are always the center of attention.

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