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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -The Food and Drug Administration made a landmark announcement Tuesday afternoon. The Plan B morning after pill will soon be available over the counter.

Beginning in 2009, Plan B and Plan B One-Step became available without a prescription to women aged 17 and older.  Now, The pill will be available without a prescription for girls as young as fifteen.

Plan B-One Step does not stop pregnancy, if a woman is already pregnant.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that the pill can harm an existing fetus. The single-dose pill works best if taken within three days after sexual intercourse. It will no longer be kept behind pharmacy counters, instead it will sit on drugstore shelves just like other contraceptives like condoms.

“At the age of 15 students or girls really shouldn’t be engaging in sexual activity on a moral stand point,” said Malinda Mcbride.

“I’m really not for it, I would prefer for the child to go through parents and go through the doctors and you know get everybody’s opinion,” said Chasiti Paige.

“Honestly, I believe it’s too easy for 15 year olds to get that pill over the counter,” Bradlie Eleverton.

“Having too much access to it might be a bad thing,” said Stephanie Martin.

“18 could be better than 15 because you are a little maybe more educated more mature and you’re able to make a better decision,” said Rose Shikhule.

We’re told buyers of the pill will have to prove their age at the cash register.

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