MSU allows first generation students to meet others like them

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- It can bring an immense sense of pride for a family to see a first-generation college student pursuing higher education.

This week, Mississippi State University is hosting special events for students who are the first in their families to attend college.

Kay Ann Matlock is the first in her family to attend college. The Mississippi State junior said sometimes it’s difficult for her family members to relate to the pressures and other experiences of college life. For students whose parents have been to college, the journey is a little easier.

“It’s not that we always feel like we are in the background but some people have it a little easier because their parents can tell them that this is what they need to do and this is how they need to go and all of the things that you need to accomplish and we don’t have that so it’s nice that the school is recognizing us for putting in a little extra hard work just to reach the same goals as other people,” said Matlock.

This week Mississippi State University is putting the spotlight on First Generation Students.

With free merch, movie nights, and even a first-generation mixer, Students are being allowed to see that there are more first-generation students than they would think.

And it’s not that they feel alone but it feels good to know that the university has their back.

Matlock says this special event is a great way to make new friends and connect with others who share her experience.

“They get to meet new people that are in the same situation as them. They realize the problem they’re facing they’re not facing alone and other people are facing similar situations that they are going through,” said Matlock.

This event is also a good way to show first-generation students that they matter

Trio Coordinator Shondell Ivy said having weeks like this also help bring more students to campus.

“This is important because recognizing our first generation of students is one of the major things that help us shape and gain more first-generation students. This event brings awareness to what a first-generation student is as well as providing information on what it takes to be supported within our institution,” said Ivy.

And Ivy said this is also a way for students to find who they are while in college.

“Once you realize who you are and see what the university can provide for you you can start utilizing those things and become bigger and better with your academics, bigger and better with your presence on campus as well as understanding whos there to support you or help you during your four years or two-year journey here at Mississippi State,” said Ivy.

The event will continue tomorrow with a movie night.

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