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STARKVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) With the theme “inventing solutions”, Mississippi state university students are engaged in competition requiring them to draw up a successful business plan.

Economic innovation is the focus during Entrepreneurship Week.

In Fowlkes Auditorium at MSU’s Student Union, budding entrepreneur Justin Matthews made his pitch for the sports board game he came up with called “Jump In.”

According to Justin Matthews, it’s a fun athletic sport that also addresses childhood obesity.

“Its a life size exercise board game. And what that is, think of monopoly except bigger. You  are actually in the game playing the game. You land on, what it is a point system. So the first one to get so many points wins. And what you do you land on a certain tile you do certain exercises for different point,” said Justin Matthews, MSU student.

There was also an opportunity for participants to explore the resources and services provided to existing businesses, startup companies, and entrepreneurs.



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