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James Thomas Hall, 20

STARKVILLE, Miss. –  (PRESS  RELEASE) On Friday, 11/16/12 investigators from the Starkville Police Department began working a missing person case of James Thomas Hall. Hall is currently a 20 year old Mississippi State University student from Huntsville, AL.

After being on NCIC as a missing person for just over 24 hours, the Starkville Police Department was notified that Hall was in police custody in the town of Connell, located in Franklin County Washinton.

It was reported that a traffic stop was conducted on Hall’s vehicle following him running a stop sign. When the officer approached the vehicle on the passenger side, he noticed a sawed off shotgun in Hall’s lap, pointed towards the window of the driver side door. After telling the officer that he was planning to shoot him when he approached the vehicle, Hall was arrested for felony 2nd Degree Assault and is currently incarcerated in Franklin County,

Washington. A suicide note was found by officers in his vehicle. He’s initial appearance is scheduled for later Monday

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  • Digusted

    Thanks for invading this family’s privacy, releasing personal information, and posting his picture! I am sure they appreciate your lack of tact, respect, courtesy, sympathy, and professionalism! Real great journalism, simply stating that he was found alive and well was not enough to comfort those who knew him and were concerned! I am sure students of Mississippi State University and their family don’t deserve any respect! Top notch guys makes me want to read your news every day.

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