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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A new policy will change the way some Mississippi State football fans tailgate this season.You could call it a big win for traditional tailgaters! Starting this season, commercial tailgating companies will be restricted to certain areas on campus.

A new policy at Mississippi State will attempt to strike a healthy balance between commercial tent operators and traditional tailgaters. Sid Salter, Director of University Relations at MSU says the special events and game day committee wants to provide the best possible game day experience.

“Traditionally and historically, tailgating spaces have been on a first come first serve basis on the campus. The game day committee found that protecting that tradition and trying to ensure that commercial tailgate customers and individuals traditional tailgaters enjoy the same right of access of that space,” said Sid Salter.

The new policies designate two areas for commercial tent operations: Part of the amphitheater area and part of the grassy area near the agricultural and biological engineering building.

“The companies actually do take up a large amount of space, so I wouldn’t have to get there as early but it’s still gonna be packed so,” said student Jarell Colston.

“As a student, I think it’s good that it’s restricted to certain areas and to someone who’s about to be an alumni, I think it’s good as well because it saves room for the students to set up their own tailgates too as well as the alumni who are visiting town for football,” added student Claire Faccini.

“For the students who want to go out and tailgate, it’s good for them to be able to get the close spots that they want because I know it’s really hard to go across the entire campus when you’re tailgating,” said student Morgan Ford.

Students seem to find it appealing, and as for commercial operators, MSU anticipates having about 250 spaces available in the 2 designated areas.

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