Video: MSU Will Have Two New Attractions For Upcoming School Year

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-When students come back to Mississippi State’s campus, they’ll have a couple of big new housing options…

After being under construction for more than a year, MSU’s newest dorms, Dogwood and Deavenport, will finally be ready for use this fall.

“Dogwood is going to be an upper division building, and Deavenport will be a combination of upper division and first time incoming freshmen,” said Dr. Ann Bailey, director of housing and residence life at MSU.

The two residence halls are a replica of each other, and they’ll both feature a configuration that hasn’t been seen yet in any of the current dorms.

“One room will be a double occupancy room, it is hotel styled which means that two people can live in a room and they’ll have a private bathroom,” said Dr. Bailey.

Dogwood and Deavenport Hall will also feature a quad suite on each floor of each building. However this luxury room will only house upper-division students.

“We will have four private rooms in each one of those suites, those units, and there will be two full baths and two people will share a bath, and then we’ll have a common space area, and we’ll have what we call a modified kitchen,” said Dr. Bailey.

MSU built these new projects designed with this style to try and improve the on-campus living experience for students.
“They want more of a setting that is not only going to give them the convenience that being on campus offers, but it’s also going to give them a little more privacy and give them a little more of a feel of being able to have everything contained within one unit,” said Dr. Bailey.
Dr. Bailey said she’s expecting these new dorms to bring a new level of attraction to MSU’s campus. In fact, some students say they’re already excited about what the new dorms have to offer.

“I think they’re a good addition to the campus, especially with the growing student body, you’re going to see nicer dorms and a better dorm environment,” said MSU grad student Taylor Middlebrooks.

“I think it’ll be easier on the students coming in, and it’s close to the gym and the Hump, so they’ll get to go to the basketball games and have easy access to that, so I think it’ll be really exciting for them,”said Jessica Collins, senior at MSU.

The new residence halls will officially open on and be ready for use on move-in day, which is set for August 6th.

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