Multiple shootings shake Columbus; City leaders respond

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – City leaders said they are tired of violent crime on the streets of Columbus. And they plan to step up security to make sure criminals are put behind bars.

“Our Police Department is working hard trying to figure out what went on and who did it,” said Stephen Jones, Ward 5 Councilman.

Over the weekend, the Columbus Police Department responded to two separate shootings that left two men seeking treatment for gunshot wounds.

According to CPD, they were both innocent bystanders.

Jones said city leaders are doing everything they can to reduce gun violence.

“Anytime a bystander whether they are elderly, a child, or what, it touches your heart. I spoke with the chief and we are coming up with a game plan to make sure people who do stuff like this, do not get away with it. It is something when you want to kill each other, but when an innocent bystander gets shot, that is something for the whole community to uproar about,” said Jones.

Jones also said catching criminals in Columbus, takes a team effort, and witnesses and victims need to be a part of that team.

“Another thing is this snitching and all that stuff. If you get shot and you know who shot you, what good is it to retaliate on that person because the only thing it will lead to is another hurt person or someone in jail,” said Jones

Columbus Mayor Keith Gaskin said there is a serious issue with gun violence in what is supposed to be the Friendly City.

“I worry not only about our citizens, I worry about our police officers who work in these areas as well. The guns that some of the individuals have are dangerous for our officers to have to deal with as well,” said Gaskin.

Gaskin said the city is adding some new tools to help identify suspects.

“We have ordered some new cameras that are coming in called NOLA cameras. When gunfire is happening, those cameras will follow the sound and zoom in. We are hoping that this helps the police officers identify who is doing this stuff,” said Gaskin.

If you would like to help the police by starting a Neighborhood Watch program, call the Columbus Police Department.

If you have any information on these shootings or other crimes, you can also call the police department, or Golden Triangle Crimestoppers at 1(800)530-7151.

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