MUW Twins Forge Different Paths

Twins Jadé and Sadé Meeks of Jackson will graduate from Mississippi University for Women this Saturday at different times. (Photo by Chris Jenkins/MUW Office of University Relations)

Twins Jadé and Sadé Meeks of Jackson will graduate from Mississippi University for Women this Saturday at different times. (Photo by Chris Jenkins/MUW Office of University Relations)

COLUMBUS, Miss. – Sisters Sadé and Jadé Meeks spend most of their time doing things together, including going to school, being roommates, hanging with friends and going out to eat.

The one thing the fraternal twins won’t be doing together this Saturday is graduating from Mississippi University for Women. Both are set to walk the stage at commencement ceremonies at The W this weekend, but at different times.

Jadé Meeks, a biology major, will participate in the 10 a.m. ceremony for the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology graduates. Sadé Meeks, a culinary major, will graduate at 1:30 at the ceremony for graduates of the College of Education and Human Sciences and College of Business and Professional Studies. Both events will be in Whitfield Hall, Rent Auditorium.

“We found out that we were not graduating together late this semester,” said Jadé Meeks. “Initially we planned for a lot of our family members to attend graduation.”

However, adjustments had to be made after the two realized that they would be at different ceremonies. Each twin will get six graduation tickets. Their parents will attend both ceremonies. “Our parents had to change their plans and let our other relatives know.”

Sadé Meeks, who also serves as the Student Government Association president, will have an opportunity to offer her fellow classmates and her sister words of encouragement at both ceremonies as she takes the podium.

“I will encourage them to ignore their fears in order to pursue their goals. While graduation may seem scary, it’s just another chapter of our lives. I will encourage everyone to not stay on the first page of this new chapter,” she said.

Jadé Meeks looks forward to hearing the advice offered by her sister. “I have always seen my sister as a great leader. She has always put her best foot forward and has a spirit of excellence, which I know she will evidence when delivering her speech.”

Both students, who are from Jackson, have enjoyed their time at The W.

In addition to serving as SGA president, Sadé Meeks was voted as Miss MUW, is a member of the Pi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and is Miss Alpha Omicron Alpha of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Sadé  Meeks, who will be moving to Long Beach, Calif., with  plans to attend California State University, Los Angeles, to pursue  a master’s degree in nutrition.

Her decision came after her research in the Ina E. Gordy Honors College at The W. For six weeks, she studied an organic diet and conducted follow-up health tests to assess the quality of processed versus organic foods.

Jadé Meeks has always wanted to become a veterinarian. “I originally planned to attend another closer institution because of its veterinary medicine program, but my twin decided to come to The W.

“It was my first time hearing about it (The W). I didn’t want to be far away from my twin so I decided to come to The W as well, and I like how close-knit it is,” she added.

Jadé Meeks is a Troubadour social club alum and serves on the SGA Executive Board. She plans to own a summer camp for youth. In the meantime, she plans to attend graduate school and possibly work as a zookeeper.

Sadé Meeks said, “I have enjoyed my time here at The W. I credit a lot of my growth to the opportunities I have been able to experience at The W.”

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