MVNU2MSU Takes over Mississippi State’s Campus

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Starkville natives might have noticed the extra traffic over the weekend.

That’s because college students are back in town for move-in day at Mississippi State.

It is moving in time on Mississippi State’s Campus.

And even a little rain on Sunday won’t stop these determined new students.

“It’s been raining I wasn’t expecting rain so I didn’t want to get any my stuff is stressful but I woke up really early and so I’m tired, but it could be a fun day,” said Freshman Kacy Burroughs.

“It’s been pretty hectic we checked and it was raining so that kind of threw us for a loop just dealing with the rain but I don’t think of stuff got wet because they were just moving it in and it kind of slowed up for a little while,” said Freshman Kamryn Clymer.

MSU Started move in a little earlier this year because of the amount of students participating in sorority recruitment and other camps.

“I am part of New Maroon Camp which is a camp for freshman to make friends and it’s a bunch of activities, and I’m so excited,” said Burroughs.

Students are excited to make the dorm rooms their new homes for the upcoming school year and see what the college life is all about.

“I’m really excited. We have a couch our color scheme is kind of like neutrals. We have white, grays, and we also have some teals and some blush,” said Clymer.

For many students, this is their first time leaving their parents. Which they say can be bittersweet for them.

“It’s going to be a really hard transition; I think because we’re really close and like I said I’m the first one leaving. So none of us really know what to expect, but I’ve been away from them for weeks or so at a time on different trips so we’ve experienced it before but not like moving. It will be okay though,” said Clymer.

“I’m the youngest child of my family, so I’m leaving my parents with an empty nest, but I’m excited. It’s time for a change I think,” said Burroughs.

This is just the first day of move-ins for MSU. Next Saturday will wrap up the rest of move-ins.

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