National Guard is doing their part in helping the community

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- More and more people are able to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Hospitals and retailers are providing them, but the bulk of the work is being done by the National Guard.

The job is simple; get as many people vaccinated as possible.

“Our mission is to provide vaccines for the local community,” said Captain Vernon West.

This battle for the National Guard is being fought in their own backyard and is helping our country get back on its feet.

“It’s an opportunity to serve the community, an opportunity to give back and, I mean, also an opportunity to keep the nation safe,” said West.

Folks have brought meals to the guardsmen to show their appreciation, and West believes it’s obvious to see how their job is impacting so many people.

“So far it’s been a positive reaction as you can see; the community has been really supportive of all of our efforts we haven’t had any problems,” said West.

The lines are long but the process to get a vaccine is organized. You’re directed on where to go and eventually end up under a tent to get the shot.

“The first process of course is getting them checked in getting them greeted that’s the first most important part because you have to verify the first and last name makes sure all the information on the VAR is correct, then they go through a checklist portion with a bunch of nurses just to make sure that they’re eligible to actually get the shot,” said Airman First Class Nicole Levy.

“After they go through the checklist portion they then come to the vaccination tent where they are administered the vaccine by a bunch of nurses and a bunch of medics and there after that, they wait for about 15 minutes in the designated area,” said Levy.

“We’ve vaccinated I know over 2,000 people since I’ve been on sight, and today I believe it’s probably over 900 people vaccinated that’s not including you know no shows or cancellations,” said West.

Guardsmen know the goal is to protect each person from the virus that has devastated so many lives.

“The vaccination is very important just because that’s the only solution that we have now. The more people that get vaccinated the safer we are; the safer our kids are,” said Levy.

“Try to get back to a return to normalcy; people being vaccinated reduces the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” said West.

To sign up for vaccination shot click here. 


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