Neighbors on edge after Monroe County double shooting


MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Two people are dead in Monroe County following an argument that ended in a police chase.

Friends and neighbors say they aren’t sure what exactly lead Wayne McCallum to shoot his brother-in-law Jessie Little.

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After shooting Little, McCallum lead police on a car chase from a home on Old Columbus Road to McDuffie Cemetery Road where it is believed that McCallum was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy.

“I was in the kitchen making a sandwich actually, and I turned and was looking out the window and that’s when I heard the gunshot,” said friend and neighbor James Reese.

Jessie Little and his wife drove over to Old Columbus Road to use their friend’s storm shelter.

“The next thing I know, I was getting woke up to her at the foot of the couch screaming ‘He shot my husband! Wayne shot my husband! My brother killed my husband! He shot him in the head, Adriana! I need help! I need help!'” said Wayne McCallum’s friend Adriana Jones.

There were 10 to 12 children and several adults in the yard and in the house when they say Wayne McCallum shot his brother-in-law.

“He walked up beside the jeep. He walked up probably five or ten feet from him and shot him with a rifle. I mean, point-blank,” said Reese.

McCallum’s friends feared they would be next.

“I had my back against momma’s door and Wayne started beating on it, like fearfully trying to get in there to some of us, or all of us, or even just his sister,” said Jones.

“My first instinct was to make sure all the kids were in the house and safe away from everything. I told him I said ‘Wayne put the gun up, you need to leave.’ He said ‘Nah, everything’s fine,'” said Reese.

McCallum ended up leaving anyway.

“At that time we got in a pursuit chase with Mr. McCallum. We went several miles trying to get him to stop. Finally, on McDuffie Cemetery Road, we had two seasoned officers that were involved in a situation over there. MBI is at this point investigating an officer shooting involvement over there on McDuffie Cemetary Road,” said Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

Witnesses say they had been trying to get Wayne McCallum to see a mental health professional for months.

The incident is still under investigation.