NEMCC Unveils ‘Online Workforce College’

BOONEVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) -NEMCC went to the source when developing its workforce e-learning platform – the companies needing trained workers. “There is a skills gap, a lack of skilled workers in the workforce, this is creating a disadvantage for our industries because they can’t find the workers and then when it comes time for them to up their game a little bit as far as production, their employees are not really skilled to do that, this allows those employees an opportunity to get re-skilled,” said NEMCC President, Dr. Ricky Ford. The online workforce college will provide training to employees in businesses and industries across NEMCC’s five-county service area. There are seven hundred training modules, that companies can customize to their staff’s needs. “It spans almost every aspect of manufacturing environment, if we have people looking for electrical training, we can do that, safety training, workplace effectiveness, print reading basic skills, something there for all of them,” said Greg James, Assistant Workforce Director. The online courses mean employees and students don’t have to come on campus for classes. And for industries, it means no downtime in production. “They don’t have to pull their employees off the floor to do the training, so it gives them a better opportunity to get to online courses and do it at their own time,” said Kyle Carpenter, Workforce E-Learning Administrator. As director of the Prentiss County Development Association, Leon Hays knows the impact this latest E-learning platform will have on business and industry. “The impact on local industries will be tremendous, NEMCC continues to impress me and others in the industry in their innovation and flexibility in delivering workforce needs that are here in the region,” Hays said. All courses in the Online Workforce College are offered at no cost to the individual or employer. The Online Workforce College is available now, for employers and employees. In-person classes for NEMCC’s fall semester start August 16th.

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