Neon Pigg Cafe Smash Burger in Final Round

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — After surviving five rounds of voting, Neon Pigg Café is now in the final round, and within hours of possibly being named “Best Burger in America.”

The anticipation for the announcement  is at an all time high for the workers at Neon Pigg café.

“I would like to say that it doesn’t mean anything because it’s just this internet campaign, but we want to win it,” Co-Owner Mitchell McCamey said.

The Smash Burger has been a popular item on the menu for three years now. Co-Owner of the café Mitch McCamey said the invention of the burger happened randomly when he and one of his friends were butchering a cow.

“We’re breaking all of these cows down and having all of these ribeyes, and filets, and everything. Hands and pieces and so we started grinding it all and added bacon to it and we came up with this beautiful hamburger,” McCamey said.

The burger is made from different meats such as fillets, sirloin, ribeyes and bacon. The café makes their own pickles to put on the burger and it also has two special sauces, Comeback sauce and asian bar-b-que — two things that bring people through the doors.

“It’s kind of crazy to see a community come together over a burger. It’s so much stuff happening in the world, and it’s nice just to be known for having a great burger,” he said.

For McCamey, this is about more than just winning an award, it’s about how a community is rallying together and showing support.

“That’s the biggest thing, just the support that this has brought. That people have voted for us and a lot of our friends and family and people that come in here have carried us all the way to the top two in the country.”

And that support has added up to more business than ever.
The restaurant sold two thousand burgers in three days, and sold out for the first time ever earlier Sunday evening.

McCamey is hopeful his restaurant will come out on top, and he already has plans on what he would do if they win.

“We’re going to throw a huge dinner, party, bash and charge like ten bucks to get in, all you can drink water, soda, and we’re going to give all the money to charity just it give it back to the community because it has been so much fun,” he said.
There is still plenty of time for any one who is interested to voted. Just go to Neon Pig DOT Net to vote. The winner will be announced at midnight.

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