Nettleton’s new mayor wants to replace city’s antiquated water lines

Mayor Baulch outlines goals as he takes office

NETTLETON, MISS. (WCBI) – Nettleton’s new mayor says one of his main goals is to upgrade the city’s antiquated water system.

That is just one of the priorities for Mayor Phillip Baluch, who took office one week ago after a judge called for a special election over voting irregularities in last year’s race.

Even before he was sworn in, Nettleton Mayor Phillip Baulch knew that overhauling the city’s water system would be the top priority.

“From all indications, this stems from 1935 1936 water line,” Mayor Baulch said.

It has been that long since Nettleton’s water lines have been replaced.

The Mayor met with engineers earlier this week.  Estimates from two years ago put the cost to replace the city’s water lines at two million dollars.  Now, the mayor says it’s time to move forward.

“People are paying good money for their water and we plan on delivering it the best we can,” Baulch said.

Once the old water lines have been replaced, Mayor Baulch says work can then start on street improvements throughout the city.

“As projects are being implemented, a lot of streets will be trenched through, trenched down, so we’re kind of putting street re pavement, updates on hold for a little bit where this project will go, we’re identifying areas not affected by water pipe replacement and we will try and get those streets worked on as soon as we can,” he said.

Other priorities for Mayor Baulch include improving the town’s fire rating, which would mean better insurance rates for homeowners.  And, a committee will be formed to look at the best use for land that was donated to the city several years ago.

Mayor Baulch also wants to do what he can to improve Nettleton’s downtown.

“We’re getting information about how to join National Park Service and become part of Historical Society of Mississippi, we will have a commission put together for that, that’s so building owners would have access to grants, assistance in helping maintain those buildings,” Baulch said.

The mayor also says addressing downtown drainage problems is high on the to-do list.

Mayor Baulch has lived in Nettleton all his life.   He owns a printing company in town.

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