New app allows Tupelo residents to get alerts


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The city of Tupelo is using a popular smartphone app to keep residents informed in case of emergencies.

Residents can go to the City of Tupelo’s website, and sign up for “Code Red” notifications.

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That app is used nationwide to let users know about severe weather events, natural disasters and other emergencies.

Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton says “Code Red” is one more way for residents to get up to the minute information on a variety of topics, from weather warnings, to power outages and other events straight from city officials.

“Sometimes people, I’m sure with great intentions, they say things on Facebook that aren’t entirely accurate and that kind of snowballs into a false narrative this service will allow the city to do, is make sure that all of our citizens who sign up for this service, that they have accurate, real time information of any type of emergency situation in the city of Tupelo,” Mayor Shelton said.

“Code Red” is active now. Residents must sign up on the city of Tupelo website, in order to get alerts from the city.

The “Code Red” app can also be downloaded onto smartphones.