A new Chickasaw County Deputy is taking a bite out of crime

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – There’s a new deputy working the streets in Chickasaw County.

He’s highly trained, young and already taking a bite out of crime.

His name is Deputy Nagod and he’s from Indiana, but Chickasaw County is his new home.

He might be new to town and to the department, but his training and costs are already paying off.

“Once we watched him work and saw how good he was and stuff like that, we knew that that was the dog, then,” says Chickasaw County K9 Handler, Bo Yeatman.

But it took time to find a K9 that met Chickasaw County’s needs.

After traveling to several states and looking at many dogs, they finally found what they were looking for, Nagod was the very last dog Yeatman met.

It’s been about three years since the department has had a four-legged deputy, and finding one this go around was much different than the last time.

“They’re also getting into what I call, personal protection dogs, and that’s getting to be a real big business and you know, dogs sell for a whole lot more money, so several places we looked at were more or less leaning toward going into the personal protection dog business and getting out of the K9 training for law enforcement,” says Chickasaw County Sheriff James Meyers.

The deputy duo spent six weeks in Indiana, training and going to school together. Which is a little longer and different than other K9 and handler programs.

“Instead of being rushed, and ‘hey, we’ve got to hurry up and get this done, get this done,’ you know, it made things a whole lot better and a whole lot more understanding because also, you know, if you run into a problem with your dog, you’ve had six weeks up there, unless it’s just a major problem, you pretty much know now how to fix it.”

The dual purpose dog is also a social police dog, which means he’s able to be around kids and work at the same time.

He’s also the partner Yeatman has always wanted.

“Other bigger departments are fortunate enough to where they ride two to a vehicle and stuff like that and you’ve always got backup right there behind you, to where here, at smaller departments, your backup is a little bit further away, you know, to where me, now working, my backup is right behind my back-seat.”

The new deputy dog has been on duty for about a week and he has already proven you can’t hide anything from his nose.

“He has helped make five narcotic arrests and it’s just amazing to watch people’s face now that you know, whenever the dog gets out and does his job and when he alerts and lets the handler know that there’s probably something there that shouldn’t be, you can see their head drop.”

The community came together and raised the funds to make getting a new K9 possible.

He was bought and trained at Vohne Liche Kennels.

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