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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Planners of Redeemer Church in Starkville saw a need and have been working for months with local residents and international missionaries to fill it. With a vision outside of just Sunday mornings, Redeemer seeks to build a diverse and thriving congregation through small groups and community outreach. One of the church’s founding members, Dave Yauk, anticipates the variety of people Redeemer will attract.

“One of the biggest needs was a diverse church, a multi cultural church. There’s 72 nations out on states campus relatively unengaged in Christianity and one of the distinct things we created was a church that wasn’t racially divided, that’s racially integrated. God is for everybody. I think a lot of times at church you see the same kind of people that group together,” said Alan Watts, a student at Mississippi State University,” says Yauk.

After six years on the missionary field, Mike Boyett answered the call to become the first pastor of Redeemer Church. His passion for preaching may have carried him to a small Mississippi town, but Pastor Boyett still sees the presence of God despite his vastly different circumstances.

“God himself is present in our midst. We worship and serve a really big and gracious God,”.

Many of Redeemers founding members are already involved in community outreach including a children’s ministry for lower income families. They also plan to plant other reformed churches in the future and educate others who are pursing a life of ministry.

Redeemer Church meets at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Starkville at 4pm on Sundays.

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  • Becky Lindsey

    I was very blessed while attending my son’s baptism just last weekend and to also meet Pastor Boyett, his wife, and several members of the newly formed Redeemer Church. I will be in prayer for the congregation as they continue to grow, and will look forward to attending their services when I am visiting in Starkville.

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