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New Hope Senior Christopher Mosley has been through a lot during his four years with the Trojans. The biggest challenge was dealing with the sudden death of his father during his freshman year.

“We lost him there for a while” said his Head Coach Drew McBrayer. “He just kind of wanted to go into a shell and I think it was his teammates that pulled him out of it” he added.

“Everytime I needed someone to talk to, they were there” said Mosley.

Christopher said that if he is unable to secure a basketball scholarship to college, that he’d like to join the army.

“He’s got all the potential in the world he just has to have the willingness to work everyday and I think he’d have a shot to play at the next level” said McBrayer. “It’s a real testament to him for as hard as he’s worked, to overcome those odds and turn out as good a kid as he is” McBrayer added.

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  • Mary Jones

    Congratulations Chris!!!!! We prayer you have continue success and alway remember we are here for you at all time.

    Your cousins
    Cedric,Mary, Destini and Zavier Jones

  • Laura Pippins

    Way to go Chris!!! You can do it through prayer

    your grandmother


  • Tashmia Williams

    Christopher, you have always been a great child, this just shows us that you are going to become an even better man. Put God first and the rest will follow. We love you!

    Your family,
    Eric, Tashmia, Jaden and Maddisen Williams

  • Jasmine Williams

    Im so proud of you Christopher, I love you keep pressing forward!!!!

  • Elizabeth Mosley

    We are so pround of you son.

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