Video: New Organization Hopes to Save Pit Bulls

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Pit Bulls have a bad reputation,n but many owners say it’s not always deserved. For every highly publicized attack, dozens of others are good pets just like any other breed.

A new Lowndes County group is trying to change the image while finding good homes for those that have been abandoned or abused.

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The words pit bull make many people think vicious, but the Pit Bull Rescue project wants the public to think of another word — safe.

“They don’t deserve the abuse just like no human deserves the abuse. The bad name they have been given is not who they are,” says Molly Murphee, one of the organizers of the new group.

“They are not vicious like everybody thinks they are. They are really a good family dog, a good loyal dog, once they find their home and are actually taken care of,” added Greg Bailey, another volunteer with the organization.

That is what the Pit Crew is trying to do.

Shaw Pit Bull Rescue is an organization to help find great homes for pit bulls like Ms. Priss but before you adopt, it’s important to do some research.

“Don’t just get one from anywhere, some people try to overbreed pit bulls and when you overbreed so much, it can result in neurological problems, health problems. Really just talk to somebody who has been in the business,” says Murphee.

In just a month, the rescue organization has 14 dogs up for adoption on top of phone calls from humane societies like Greenville and Oxford to help with the overflow of pit bulls. But their means are limited without the community’s support.

“We are really out here trying to get donations today so we can get kennels. We are totally over capacity right now. We just really want to make more space for these dogs. We are always looking for people, a sponsor, come out walk the dogs, help feed, help clean,” says Murphee.

“Fosters, we are always in need of fosters very badly because we get more phone calls than what we can really handle right now. You can always drop off dog food, just really anything, whatever you can do,” added Bailey.

In the next year, the group hopes to expand and work with other organizations to change the community’s perception of pit bulls. But the overall goal is quite simple.

“After we get them and work with them, work on their family and people skills and their dog-oriented skills and try to get them into a good home,” Murphee explains.

Tractor Supply hosted an event Saturday for the new organization.

To help, go to for more information.