New steakhouse restaurant set to open in Bruce

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- It has been a rough year for folks in the restaurant industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some businesses have closed their doors, a new eatery in Bruce is opening up shop.

The owner of Paisley’s Boardwalk Steakhouse says it’s been a challenge to keep his restaurant going.

Get your tastebuds ready. A new restaurant is coming to Bruce. Paisleys Boardwalk Steakhouse will open its doors in North Mississippi.

” This is very exciting for us,” said owner Dale Mitchell.

After a large fire in Big Creek nearly destroyed the business in 2019, Mitchell says this location will better serve hungry crowds.

” This was the quickest and best offer that I had to come here and set-up. After September 9, 2019, we lost Paisleys to a fire. What we were able to save and work and operate on and off. It wasn’t efficient for seating. Plus, the infrastructure around Big Creek was bad. We have numerous bridges, and road conditions are horrible and deteriorating,” said Mitchell.

A larger facility and parking lot are a few amenities Mitchell is looking forward to.

” We’re making the transition and having to get equipment, and things changed out to do some renovations,” said Mitchell.

Bruce Mayor Rudy Pope says the new eatery will attract bigger crowds and help build the city revenue.

” A lot of people don’t know what we got here, and I wish they would come and check out what we’ve got,” said Pope.

” Paisleys already has a great reputation and drawing North Mississippi. When you mention Paisleys, even when he was in another place, people drove for miles,” said Ward 3 Alderman Jimmy Hubbard.

Hubbard says after dining in Paisley’s, people can then shop locally throughout the town.

” It’s just a great win-win situation for us. It also gives people a chance when they come to Bruce to look at other things in Bruce,” said Hubbard.

” We’ve got another business that came during COVID-19, so we’re growing a little bit, and some people it’s good, and some people think it’s bad. I think to go around the Square and see everything be busy. That means you’re doing real good,” Pope.

Mitchell tells me his restaurant grand opening will be the first week of April.

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