New surveillance video captures another angle of Adel Musa arrest incident

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – There is new information on the story we’ve been following of the arrest of a Columbus businessman.

Adel Musa, known as Mr. John, was charged with simple assault.

He told investigators he thought the man he held at gunpoint at his Highway 182 property was back to steal copper from him again, after being a victim multiple times.

We have new surveillance footage from the area and an update on the investigation.

The footage is from a business next to the building Musa owns.

Around 3 a.m. on February 28, you see a person walk back and forth between the two businesses at least three times.

The view you are seeing is into the back parking lot of Musa’s business.

The entire video is over 40 minutes long. We edited it for time.

At one point the man can be seen behind the second business messing with the HVAC unit’s copper lines. The owner of the business asked not to be identified.

Musa’s business is next door.

Using the time stamp on the video, you can see the man walking in and out of the view of the surveillance camera several times.

While you cannot see what he’s doing behind Musa’s building, you can see him walking between the properties.

41 minutes after first appearing on the surveillance video, you can see Musa’s vehicle pull into the parking lot and the unidentified man jump over the fence at the same time. We zoomed in so you can see it closer.

At the time, Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry told us: “This person was walking across the parking lot and the owner arrived, pulled a pistol on him, and held him at gunpoint.” He also told our reporters that officers could not determine if the person in the security footage was the same person being held at gunpoint.

You can see that the man in the body camera footage from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department is wearing similar clothing to the man in the security video.

Daughtry said after a police report was filed last week by this property owner and the footage reviewed by investigators a warrant has been issued for John Paul Moak for felony malicious mischief of Musa’s business.

Daughtry told WCBI the business owners and Crime Stoppers helped identify the suspect.

Daughtry also gave this statement to WCBI: “The Columbus Police Department would like to thank the businesses in the area of Mr. John’s store and Crime Stoppers. Because of their help, we were able to identify and get warrants signed on John Paul Moak for felony malicious mischief of Mr. John’s business. When the businesses and citizens work side-by-side with the Columbus Police Department, amazing things can happen.”

You can view the full-length videos here

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