New U.S. Citizens

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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – The United States is a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, immigrants have come here seeking a better life and have strengthen our nation in the process. The Naturalization ceremony in Aberdeen where some accepted the responsibilities of becoming a U.S. Citizen.

23 different countries were represented today at the U.S. District in Aberdeen as 46 read the naturalization oath out loud to become a U.S. citizen…

“I feel great, I mean I am so proud of myself and I am just enjoying this moment. I have been waiting for this a longtime,” says Miria Wellims.

“I was pretty nervous at first, pretty excited now I mean it hasn’t shocked me yet. Why would you not want to be a U.S. Citizen it’s like the best thing in the world,” says Alex Ordonez.

Maria Williams, who came to the states from Mexico, came to visit a relative when she decided to stay and start and start a new life.

“I came here for like visiting my brother then I started liking it and making friends then I got married now I got kids here. I just went through all the process that I had to go through to become a citizen,” says Wellims.

To become a U.S. Citizen it can be a tedious process, but for some we spoke to their glad the day has finally arrived after years of waiting.

“7 years I have been here in the U.S. And trying you know go through everything to become a U.S. Citizen,” says Wellims.

Alex, an Pre-Law student at Ole Miss, moved to America from Chile At the age of 13. Alex says he decided early in life that he wanted to be a part of this country.

“I got my green card when I was 16 I’m 22 now. I applied first thing the very next day actually I was counting the days so I actually signed up and I applied and did the whole process,” says Ordonez.

As U.S. Citizen Maria has big plans for her future and to show her appreciation to America for this huge opportunity.

“I’m going to try to go back to school, and do better for my country and for my family and be proud and make everyone proud of me,” says Wellims.

Alex believe as a citizen, it is important to take advantage of resources that the U.S. Offers.

“At first of all I think voting make yourself be heard. Do the right thing be part of a jury write to a newspaper,” says Ordonez.

The Daughters of the American Revolution gave each new citizen an American flag to help remember this special day.

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