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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – For years, folks have relied on chemicals to keep their hands and nails looking good, but in the age of organics, people are starting to take a more natural approach.

They’re on display 24 hours a day.

Your hands are the first thing you throw out when you meet somebody new.

At Bella Derma in Columbus, they like to keep things simple.

Owner Melissa Rushing explains, ” They’re really trying to go back to the basics and get things that will actually adhere longer, but without drying out and stripping your nail beds.”

Nail therapist Stephanie Cash adds, ” It’s healthy. It’s not harmful in any way, the organic. They’re vegan products.” The process starts with filing off the rough edges. Then get ready for a dip in the rose water. After that, out comes the brush.

Stephanie explains, ” Well this is an organic sugar scrub, that I add the grape seed to, and we use this to exfoliate the feet and the hands.”

Then you’re ready for a quick rinse under the sink, and a gentle drying cycle.

Then, and only then, are you ready for the polish.

Melissa says, ” If you want your nails to have polish, or if you want them to be completely bare and just have healthy nails, you can have both and not have to worry about compromising the skin.”

But how long will your all natural finish last?

Stephanie says, ” They’re actually a little bit better quality product. The nail polishes last longer. They don’t chip as quickly as other product lines do.”

No fooling. My nails have been looking good for almost 2 weeks. I thought it best to go with the natural finish.

As always the key to healthy nails and skin is drinking plenty of water.

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