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3 soft Avocados (but not too soft- you want the avocado to still be a bit firm)

Half a Red Onion, diced

3-4 Roma Tomatoes, diced

1/2 a Teaspoon Garlic Salt (this is the key ingredient–adds flavor with salt and you don’t need too much)

1/4 cup lime juice (helps to cream up the avocado)

1 bag of salt tortilla chips (helps cut the amount of salt you put into the guacamole if you use a salty chip)

Using your knife cut the Avocado in half and twist apart. Using the butt of the knife, stick the seed (only if you want, use caution), twist the seed then using your thumb pop off knife. Make sure you hang on to one seed from the Avocado–you can put it directly into the Guacamole to keep it from browning! Next, use a spoon to spoon out the meat of the Avocado from the skin and place in mixing bowl. After all meat is removed flip the meat so the seed side faces down into the bowl (makes it much easier to mash) then use a fork and mash up the meat. After the meat is mostly mashed add the onion and tomatoes and mix. Next, add the garlic salt and lime juice. Mix well and enjoy!

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