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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -A series of articles in the Commercial Dispatch in Columbus during the last three months have raised doubts about the administration at Columbus City Schools.

Rumors have been circulating today about Superintendent Martha Liddell.
Dozens of people showed up to show their support the Superintendent. After 3 and a half hours in executive session, the Columbus School Board concluded their meeting taking no action. Some parents say they are focusing on the wrong things.

“I think we need to focus back in on the school district. I’m here as a concerned parent and I have children in the school district and I really don’t appreciate what’s going on especially by the news papers and press. I think we need to look at what we can do for the betterment of our children,” said parent Kamal Karriem.

Liddell is under pressure from some board members who say a series of missteps have hurt her ability to lead and harmed the district’s image with the public.

Disclosures about the number of days she’s traveled and those costs, problems with improper days off for school custodians and maintenance personnel and other issues have put the spotlight on the superintendent, who makes almost 160 thousand dollars a year and is in the second year of a three-year contract.

  • Ed

    Why all the fuss, they are not going to do anything about this woman and her “IMPROPER ACTIONS”. If she was in a business somewhere she would have received a reprimand and if she continued then terminated…….but that’s not going to happen here…..she may get a raise or a contract extention but nothing else…..you have a woman that can not spell eithics, intergity, or just good old fashioned honesty.
    Thug City at it’s finest, what else do you expect.

  • jeff

    It must be nice to have a part time job that pays $160,000 a year.

  • Carter

    “…..you have a woman that can not spell eithics, intergity, or just good old fashioned honesty.”

    It looks like you can’t spell or do spell check! Thug City? What an interesting choice of word……..but would else could I expect from someone less educated than “this woman.”

    Get the facts before you attack someone’s work ethics and integrity.

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