Video: Nominee Named in Chickasaw Co. Supervisor Race

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CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — It took two days, but Chickasaw County now has a winner in the Republican District 4 Supervisor race.

Josh Russell was officially declared the winner, Thursday, after a tie between him and Tina Pullen in Tuesday’s runoff race.

Each had 27 votes.

On Thursday, the candidates drew numbers from a bowl to determine the winner.

Russell drew the highest number, and was then declared the Republican nominee.

“It turned out the best in my favor,” Russell said. “I just kind’ve wished we could’ve ran it off again, you know, just kind’ve set a day aside or something, and had another runoff, but they said this is what it comes down to. This is just what we had to do.”

“Every vote does matter,” Pullen said. “There were several people actually in my salon today that told me they had not been to vote, and they were sorry.”

Circuit court clerk Cassandra Pulliam tells WCBI this is the first time she’s experienced a tied race in her 21 years on the job.

Russell will face Democrat Jerry Hall in the November election.

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