Noxubee County Investigators discover more dog remains

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Earlier this week, the Noxubee County Sheriff’s Department found the remains of around 10 dogs in a creek off of Green Briar Road.

And just today, there were more remains found in a different location.

On Wednesday, the Noxubee Sheriff’s Department discovered the remains of dogs after what seemed to be the aftermath of a dog fight.

Noxubee County Chief Investigator Tina Williams says just two days later *more* remains have been found.

“We had an anonymous caller to call and state that they have found more remains of what appeared to be dogs on Piney Wood Road on the bridge,” said Williams.

Williams says they are now keeping an even closer eye on secluded and overlooked areas of the county.

“We are more aware now to watch over the bridges and just check around in the county and look over the bridges to see what type and in what type area we could find and do we see any remains of dogs that have been thrown over these bridges,” said Williams.

Williams says that they appreciate the people from in and outside of the community who have reached out to help them crack the case.

“We had a couple of people call even from Pennsylvania saying that they would be able to help us if we needed any help and they would be able to do DNA testing on the dogs to see if the dogs have been shot or have they been in dog fights and what constituted to the death of these dogs,” said Williams.

These crimes are also getting the attention of animal welfare groups.

Doll Stanley, director of In Defense of Animals, says she was outraged after she heard about this.

“The bottom line is animals suffer just like we do. we may see them differently but the bottom line is they have emotions. they feel pain. why anyone would want to inflict suffering on an animal,” said Stanley.

And Stanley says dogfighting should not be for enjoyment.

this is for gain and I quote “entertainment” how sick must you be to think that it’s entertainment to cause animals to fight one another,” said Stanley.

The justice for animals campaign is now asking for help from the community if the suspect is announced

And they are also determining if there will be a reward for the information.

Noxubee County Investigators also add that if this case is linked to the previous case the punishment could be more severe.

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