Noxubee County residents become victims to a tornado

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The weather today is clear and calm, but that wasn’t the case last night.

People across North Mississippi found themselves in the path of thunderstorms, straight-line winds, and in some cases, tornadoes.

One area family found themselves in the direct path of nature’s fury.

“So I’m thanking and praising God that we are still here to tell the story because when you look around you see other people going through this but I never thought we would be going through this and I just thank God for life,” said Jamison.

You never think it will be you… until it is you.

Wednesday Night the Jamisons were at their home in Noxubee County when they got a text message warning them to take cover.

“I got a text message from my girls and she said ‘The tornado is on your road and you need to get to safety and we just went running. we went running,” said Jamison.

Tamika Jamison says she got in her safe place just as the weather started to get worse.

“I peeked out and you could see stuff like debris coming down the hall and coming out of the ceiling,” said Jamison.

Jamison said it happened within seconds and things were worst than she expected.

“When everything calmed down I was thinking ‘where is Auntie Carrie. then my husband ran into the house and then he ran outside and he didn’t see the house. then he ran back in and he was like Joshua come on,” said Jamison.

Just next door Jamison’s neighbor and family members were in their safe place but the wind from the storm flipped over their mobile home with them still inside.

Tamika’s husband, Anthony, says after the storm was over, the only thing on his mind was family.

“It was pitch black dark outside and there was no power and no lighting and I could barely see anything so I went around the corner with the anticipation of seeing my aunt’s house but once I didn’t see her home my heart dropped and I just began to yell her name and look through the debris and rubble in hopes of her responding. to the sound of my voice and I heard her moaning and grunting on the ground and that’s how I found her and began to move dressers and beds and rubble from on top of her,” said Jamison.

Family members called 9-1-1 and the 2 residents were taken to the hospital.

Tamika Jamison says that they might have lost a lot of things during the storm but they are just happy to have each other.

“my whole storage building with so many things, Gone. So many memories. Gone. There were so many memories. so many pictures. Gone. But hey we are still here to tell the story,” said Jamison.

Emergency management officials and the Jamisons remind everyone to have a safe space ready before severe weather hits.

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