Noxubee County Sheriff’s Office installs two police cameras in the county

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. ( WCBI) – The Noxubee County Sheriff’s Office has a new set of eyes and ears to help them solve crimes.

The sheriff’s office has installed two cameras in the Cedar Creek area.

They will now have a bird’s eye view of what happens in that area.

The best part about these new deputies is that they never sleep.

Sheriff Tommy Roby said this is a way to keep a closer eye on problem areas in the county.

“The technology is ideal so why not use it? A lot of times we show up on the scene about different situations and people say they don’t see anything, so this is just another way to help some of our crime in the area,” said Roby.

The board of supervisors was able to use ARPA funds to buy new, high-tech surveillance cameras.

Now, those cameras have been placed in areas known as hot spots for crime.

“City Creek is one of our most patrolled areas where we get most of our calls and stuff so we just wanted to start here first. Just to kind of instill some security that we are doing the best we can to solve as many crimes and stuff over here, ” said Roby.

Nearly six months ago the Macon Police Department installed two cameras in the city.

Police Chief Davine Beck said those cameras have really proven their worth.

“It’s like I got four brand new police officers monitoring the streets. 24 hours a day, they never sleep. It’s a resource for us and they have been very helpful,” said Beck.

The cameras have been useful in moving crime out of these once high-traffic areas.

Not only do the cameras help police, but Chief Beck said they give the residents of Macon peace of mind.

“In one area we have a camera on Jefferson and Walnut. This lady’s house done been shot up two or three times. Now we got cameras in that area to monitor the streets and I think it has pretty much eased her mind,” said Beck.

Select deputies are able to access video footage from the cameras with just the touch of a button.

“We can monitor them from any locations inside or outside of the county. We will have it on our phones and computers,” said Roby.

That’s about as close as you can get to be in two places at one time.

The sheriff’s office is planning to install more cameras around the county.

They are studying which areas need them the most.

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