NT Spark offers broadband services in Webster County

WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Imagine getting on your computer and not having an internet connection.

We’ve all been there.

But, for some folks in Webster County, it’s been an ongoing issue.

Now, smaller communities can look forward to broadband services coming to their area.

A simple internet hook-up is vital in smaller communities.

Having a faster network can impact how people work and where they choose to live.

A quicker way to connect online.

On Thursday, NT Spark announced available broadband services in Mantee and other parts of Webster County.

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said folks down the road in Woodland can also sign-up for a connection.

” This is going to bring service to 1,300 homes in both of these areas,” said Presley.

Often, rural areas in North Mississippi don’t have access to high-speed internet services–this can lead folks to choose somewhere else to live.

Mayor Mary Frances Baker said it’s time to keep families in Mantee.

” It makes our little town more appealing to these people. We’re just so thankful to have it,” said Baker.

” The young people are leaving, and they’re not coming back. One way in which we help with that is to bring world-class internet service so you can live anywhere and work now. As Public Service Commissioner, this is leveling the playing field for rural citizens and making sure they have the same quality of life as someone living in downtown Jackson Mississippi,” said Presley.

Shawn Edmondson, the General Manager of Natchez Trace Electric Power Association agrees.

” With this service, with high-speed internet, they stay here with their family. There’s a lot of technology out there, but you don’t have access to any of it if you don’t have inter connectivity,” said Edmondson.

So far, NT Spark has installed 650 miles of fiber.

In February 2021, 1,100 customers connected to their broadband services.

” Of all electric cooperative in the state that is doing broadband. Our system connects them in a stretch from the set a Tennessee line over to the Mississippi River. So, it’s a huge area of Mississippi that’s impacted,” said Edmondson.

Families in Mantee can now sign-up for broadband services.

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