Numerous Activities, Concert By Trent Harmon Featured At Bodock Festival

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI) – An annual festival is underway in one Northeast Mississippi city, and it is named after a tree.

Vendors had just finished setting up on Pontotoc’s Main Street, and Robbie Boyd was sitting in the shade on Town Square, putting the scene on canvas. She has attended the Bodock Festival for years.

“Besides the food, there’s so many interesting things, you can always find something you enjoy, jewelry , pottery, something you enjoy and want to take home,” Boyd said.

That’s what Breonna Blanch was doing with her daughter.  The Belden resident was at True Blue Boutique, where a special sidewalk sale was on for the Bodock fest.

“I love to shop, come to True Blue, they always have really good deals and sales, I like their clothes, I come out here mainly for the clothes and face painting,” Blanch said.

“The Bodock Festival helps all of the businesses here in Pontotoc, it brings people in from out of town, out of state and we get exposure we normally would not get, it’s such a friendly atmosphere, the town supports it, ” said Cindy Collums, owner of True Blue.

While True Blue owner Cindy Collums is a regular vendor at the Bodock Festival,there are new businesses, like ‘Gospel in a Jar’ ,which sells faith based shirts, packaged in mason jars. Owner Robin Carr believes the event will draw many potential customers.

“It’s such a Christian base, there’s so many people who go to church, their faith is so strong, so we feel like we can come out and just provide that,” said Robin Carr, owner of Gospel in a Jar.

‘Wildfowl Customs’ sells and markets handmade game calls. They are another new business at the festival.

“It’s called the Bodock festival, we make a lot of game calls out of bodock wood, whatever you want to call it, so it seemed right to do this in our hometown,” said Steven Huffstatler, of Wildfowl Customs.

One of the most popular events is the post throwing competition, you get a bodock post, and you throw it.

“It’s not an Olympic competition, but it’s a fun competition,” said Volunteer Beth Waldo.

There are other attractions, such as a car show, art demonstrations, bike ride and music, including a free concert by Amory native and American Idol winner Trent Harmon, Saturday night on the town square.

The Bodock Festival was named in honor of the oldest Bodock Tree in the state, which used to be in Pontotoc County, until it was destroyed by a tornado in 2001.


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