Officials encourage residents to prepare for potential severe fall weather

When most people think of severe weather, they think of spring floods and tornado outbreaks

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- When most people think of severe weather, they think of spring floods and tornado outbreaks, but in Mississippi, severe weather doesn’t stick to one season. The National Weather Service in Jackson, MS,  set aside the week of October 18, 2021, as fall severe weather preparedness week.

Mississippi’s weather can be volatile. It can go from serene to severe in any season. Chickasaw County EMA director Linda Griffin said getting the word out has gotten easier in recent years.

“The technology is so far advanced that we sort of know a few days ahead of time if we’re going to be expecting severe weather and severe thunderstorm warnings,” said Griffin.

However; technology isn’t foolproof.

“Without that cellphone, you need to have a couple of other ways to get warnings you know technology is good, but it’s not perfect and as long as you have redundant ways of getting warnings you should be just fine,” said WCBI chief meteorologist Issac Williams.

Williams said that the weather preparedness week is vital for Mississippi residents to stay safe. Each day highlighted a different severe weather occurrence.

“We encourage everybody to practice their tornado drills. We will activate the sirens, weather permitting, there will be a statewide alert just as a drill a statewide tornado drill practice your tornado plan and have a place to go,” said Griffin.

In the case of an actual tornado;  officials encouraged residents to find the nearest safe place.

“We always advise people when you get under a tornado watch and you live in a mobile home; try to find some more substantial shelter before that watch potentially becomes a warning,” said Williams.

Having a plan in place is important, and being able to determine what’s going on around you, can help you help those you love.

“Know the difference you know in your tornado warning and your tornado watches; know that when a warning is issued then that means weather is imminent within your area and within your county,” said Griffin.

Williams and Griffin encouraged families to go through the preparedness week so they can stay on top of what to do if situations occur.

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