Old materials make new sculpture in West Point

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – West Point has a new sculpture and to some, it would be considered a hidden gem.

The piece was found at an art show and brought back to the city.

It took a few years for Main Street Committee members to decide how they were going to display the artwork.

You might not want to be quick to throw things away because things always come back in style or are put to better use.

This can be seen from the bottom part of the Windmill sculpture on the Kitty Dill walking trail.

Main Street Committee Member, Nikki Holton said they upcycled tiles from Sally Kate Winters’s old Christmas plates. They say this was a way to incorporate such a big piece of West Point.

“We had a bunch of leftover tiles from years past and Deborah’s idea was to break those tiles apart and glue them to the base of the windmill sculpture,” said Holton.

Shannon Arick owns a shop in West Point. Being a part of the Main Street Association and Growth Alliance she says the city has great things to offer and it’s up to its members to show the spark of the city.

“I think that when we show others, especially those outside of West Point how much we love our city and how we like to take care of it that draws people, but then again for people who live here it gets in our bones and our hearts, ” said Arick.

The new sculpture was placed on the walking trail around the town.

President of the Main Street Committee, Kathy Dyess said this gives visitors and the community a chance to explore the city beyond Main Street.

“They don’t really think about the other areas of our town that might be interesting. Along the walking trail it’s sort of a surprise and if you didn’t know it was there you go oh my goodness what is this and you stop and look and enjoy the art, ” said Dyess.

Chair of the design committee, Debrah Mansfield says that having an inviting city can attract people to make West Point their home.

“Everything just screams wow this community is pretty cool, I want to live here, people take care of it and obviously they have fun,” said Mansfield.

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