Old Pontotoc motel becomes place to help people with addiction

Chase House of Restoration will provide a place for those leaving addictive lifestyles

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI) – For years, an old motel on Highway 6 in Pontotoc was known as a haven for illegal drug activity. But today, it is being transformed into a place of hope for those battling addictions.

Whenever Mason Hester and his team of volunteers have any free time, they can be found at this old motel and apartment complex, working hard to transform it.

Hester knows something about personal transformation.

“I went through rehab after rehab, prison after prison. But finally, it took someone believing in me. Gave my life to Jesus and never looked back,” Hester said.

Hester started a ministry named in memory of his baby brother, who died in an alcohol-related incident. “The Chase House of Restoration” will help those, like Mason, who are tired of the destructive cycle of addiction. Hester has already opened the first Chase House, this one will be number two.

“Most of the people we take in, we take in from people who have already completed residential treatment program. They go out and work, get discipleship, they stay four months after that. It is a four-month program,” Hester said.

And whether they’re Chase House residents, or volunteers, those who give up part of their weekends to help say they are excited to see once-broken lives transformed and renewed.

“It will be a good thing for Pontotoc, will help people in addiction, sobriety, and a better walk with God,” said Tyler Craft, a Chase House resident.

“The reason I’m here is nothing short of God telling me to come here. I haven’t been in the position a lot of these guys have been in, but have friends and family that have been,” said Terry Owen, a volunteer.

“There is a desperate need for it. People trying to help themselves, go to get better, but come back to the same community, and don’t have anywhere to go. A big thing is to change people, places, and things. And if you don’t have another place to go to, it’s a hard spot to be in,” said Tiffany Ward, Chase’s sister.

There are a lot of needs for the Chase House of Restoration. Gas heaters, window units, volunteers, and money. Big needs for sure, but Mason Hester and his team of volunteers also know they serve a big God.

For information on how to volunteer or if you want to know more about the ministry, you can call Mason at (662)586-8081, or write to him at 1405 Cane Creek Road North, Thaxton, MS 38871. His email is masontoddhester77@gmail.com

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