One hot trend on TikTok influences users to pick up a book

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Social media is known for its quick trends, but one might be here to stay.

Apps like TikTok are bringing users together by featuring reactions to books by popular authors.

While social media is the reason many of us are on our phones, this trend is influencing people to put their devices down and pick up a book.

Local bookstore owner, Emily Liner explained the influence social media has had on her business.

“We have seen firsthand the power of social media bringing people inside the bookstore on the day that Colleen Hoover’s newest book came out we had people ready to come in the store as soon as we opened and we sold out of our books within the first hour,” said Liner.

Not only has social media been beneficial for businesses, but it has helped them recognize the number of people they can reach by jumping on the trend.

Friendly City Books has even set aside a special spot for author Colleen Hoover.

“Not only does it help us connect with our immediate customers here in Columbus but it helps us be part of a bigger conversation about books that is going on nationally,” said Liner.

Kenzie Rushing manages the bookstore’s TikTok account. She says this latest trend is even creating its own little corner on the popular platform.

“Book Tok is basically a section of TikTok. Kind of like a niche where all of the people who love talking about books, writing books, and even publishers get on there and, and they promote different content, new releases, and even some backlist releases,” said Rushing.

In May 2021, the store had just over 100 followers on the platform.

Today, they have nearly 1,000 followers by taking part in the TikTok trend.

“On this platform, it’s really grown our outreach and we have had customers come in just because they’ve seen a book on TikTok,” said Rushing.

Employees at the store live by the saying that books take you places.

Nobody knows what the shelf-life is for this trend, but bookstore owners like Emily Liner are glad that it’s encouraging people who usually wouldn’t read to put down their phones and pick up a book.

“The hardest part is getting started and getting through the first chapter. Once you get through the first chapter you are going to fly through the book,” said Liner.

Liner said there is a book out there for everyone.

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